Rohtas Fort Jehlum Pakistan

Rohtas Fort  (Qila Rohtas)

Rohtas Fort is situated in Pnujab province, Pakistan near Jehlum city. Sher Shah Suri started its contruction in 1541. The Rohtas Fort was built for the purpose of crushing the Gakhars, the local tribe and to stop the return of Mughal emperor Humayun, who was defeated by Sher Shah in the battle of Kanauj. Local tribes were subservient to the Mughal Empire but refused their allegiance to Sur dynasty.  Ironically, Sher Shah Suri died on 22 May 1545 during the siege of Kalinjar Fort, Its construction was completed in 7 years in 1548. The Afghans were eventually defeated and the Rohtas Fort came into the hands of the Gakhars.

Rohtas Fort Jehlum Pakistan

It’s an interesting fact of history that the stairs from which Humayun tumbled and died in Delhi’s Purana Qila, were in fact also built by Sher Shah Suri.

Rohtas Fort was captured by Mughal emperor Humayun in 1555. Nadir Shah, Afghan ruler Ahmed Shah Abdali and the Maratha army also camped here during their campaigns in the region of Punjab. Rohtas was also occasionally used for administrative purposes by the Sikh ruler Ranjit Singh after he captured it in 1825.

Rohtas Fort Walls

This strongest fortified is intact even today. Its wall extends for more than 4 kilometers. Rohtas Fort, also called Qila Rohtas, is an exceptional example of early Muslim military architecture in Central and South Asia.

This fort was never popular among Mughals. Emperor Akbar and Jahangir stayed here only for one night while going to Kashmir.

Rohtas Fort Shahi Baoli


It is about 16 kilometers away from Jehlum city towards North West. Near Dina it is about 7 kilometer away from GT road and is about 130 kilometers from Islamabad.

Rohtas Fort Distant View
Rohtas Fort Distant View


Fort has an irregular triangle shape. It has 12 gates, Sohail, Shah Chandwali, Kabuli, Khawas Khani, Shishi, Kashmiri or Mori, Langar Khani, Tulla Mori, Talaqi, Gatali, Pippli and Sar.

Comparatively Sohail Gate is in better condition. It is main entrance of the fort and drives its name from a local saint named Sohail Bukhari. Its height is 21.34 meters and 20.73 meters width. Shah Chandwali gate name after Saint Shah Chandwali who refused to take his wages for working there. Shah Chandwali died while on work and buried near the gate. One can see his shrine still there. Kabuli gate drives its name because it is in the direction of Kabul, now there is visitors’ information center and museum.

Shah Chand Wali Gate

Shishi gate has beautiful glazed tiles, so it called Shishi. Langar Khani gate is situated near Langar Khana (Mess). Talaqi gate drives its name ‘Talaq’. According to a legend, Prince Sabir Suri entered the gate and suffred fever, it was a bad sign and so its name becam ‘Talaqi’.

Kashmiri or Mori gate is towards Kashmir. Khwas Khani named after a Sher Shah Suri’s genera, Khawas Khan Marwat. Khawas Khani gate was the original entrance of the fort and it lies towards old GT road. Gatali gate is near village Gatali also called Patan Gatiali. Tulla Mori, Pippli and Sar are small entrances.


Royal mosque

This small Shahi mosque is near Kabuli gate. There is also a small room for Pesh Imam.



The Rohtas Fort has 3 Baolis. The Main Baoli is in the middle of the fort. It is for soldiers, elephants etc. The Shahi Baoli is near the Kabuli gate, for the royal family. The Baoli near Sar gate was also for the use of solders.


Rani Mahal

A single storey building Queesns palace is near Haveli Man Singh. It had 4 rooms but only one room remains today. Foundation of four rooms is still there. It is an example of Hindu architecture. It was not origionaly a part of fort.  It was built with Haveli Man Singh

Havali Maan Singh

Maqbara Khair un Nisa

Outside the Langar Khani Gate is the tomb of a lady called Khair Un Nisa, the daughter of the food minister named Qadir Bukhsh. She died here and was buried in this tomb but she was later moved to Sasaram.


From Islamabad

It is about 130 kilometers from Islamabad. Main cities in the way are Gujar khan, Sohawa and then near Dina Police Station on right hand a small road leads to the fort. Road pass over a railway line. After about 100 meters on your left there is first signpost indicating way towards the Rohtas. Keep driving until you reach the parking area.


From Lahore

Drive from Lahore to Gujranwala, Wazirabad, Gujrat, Kharian and then Jehlum. From Jehlum Dina is at few kilometers distance. After passing Dina on your left hand you will find Police Station. There you will get Rohtas Frot road along the wall of police station.

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The places inside the fort, that would hold particular interest for all those who are visiting Qila Rohtas, are listed below:

Phansi Ghat

The museum near Sohail Gate

Haveli Man Singh

Rani Mahal

Royal Mosque

There are few restaurants that may be helpful to you.

Iqbal Hotel, Al-Kausar Hotel and Al-Bilal Hotel.Buildings and structures of Rohtas are freely accessible. Avoid visiting it in the summers, when the temperatures get excruciatingly high.