Pakistani Flag


Flag of Pakistan

The national flag of Pakistan was adopted just four days before the independence, first Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan represented it in the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on August 11, 1947. Its main field is of dark green color with white vertical bar on left side (hoist side). On green color portion it has a crescent with five corner star.

Pakistani Flag represented by Liaqat Ali khan

Design and History

Amiruddin Kidwai designed the Pakistani flag. He studied All India Muslim League flag, then he designed flag for independent nation on the basis of Muslim League flag. Muslim League flag was first adopted in 1906 and it was without white bar. Muslim League flag itself was derived from the flag of Mughal Empire, the flag of Ottoman Empire of Turkey and the Sultanate of Delhi.

In June 1947 at the request of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Master Altaf Hussain first time stiched it.

First Pakistani Flag
Photo of First Pakistani Flag


Amiruddin-Kidwai Designer of Pakistani Flag


Means of color and Symbolism

The green color represent Muslim majority in Pakistan and white portion represent minorities living in Pakistan. The crescent represent progress and star represent light and knowledge.

Proportion: 2:3


For cars: 24″ × 16″.

For buildings: 6′ × 4′ or 3′ × 2′.

For ceremonial occasions: 21′ × 14′, 18′ × 12′, 11′ × ​6 23′ or 9′ × ​6 14′.

For cars: 24″ × 16″.


Flag Flying Days at Full Mast

March 23, April 21, August 14, September 11, November 9, December 25.


Flag Flying Days at Half Mast

April 21 (Death anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal)

September 11 (Death anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam)

October 16 (Death anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan)


Flag on Official Residences

The President of Pakistan,

The Prime Minister of Pakistan,

The Speaker of the national Assembly,

The Chairman of the Senate,

The Chief Justice of Pakistan,

The chief Justice of the Federal Shariat Court,

The Governors of the Province,

Federal Ministers,

The Chief Justices of the High Courts,

The Ambassadors

The Speakers of the Provincial Assemblies,

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly,

The Deputy Chairman of the Senate,

The Chief Election Commissioner,

The Ministers of the Provinces,

The Chief Ministers of the Provinces,

The Commissioners of Divisions,

Deputy Commissioners